The only missing link between where you are and where you want to be is your Core Empowerment.

~ Haleh June

 Founder | High Voltage Results

Why High Voltage Results? 
Known as the world's undefeated heavyweight champion of Empowerment & Success Coaching, High Voltage Results holds a singular place in the realms of personal development, business development & life transformation. 

With our exclusive cutting-edge Core Empowerment training and our unrivaled coaching programs, we help people achieve their dream results, in all areas of life, FOR REAL & FOR GOOD... in the shortest time possible

We save our clients tens of thousands of dollars and decades of their irreplaceable time that they would otherwise continue to waste on the ineffective surface "solutions" that flood the world around us. 

Struggling with your relationships? Your weight? Your health? Your business? Your life purpose? There's only ONE Core problem causing all the disarray... and we are the only ones clarifying that problem and addressing it. This is how we are able to serve you where all else has failed.

We have spent decades turning dreamers into builders. We help badasses all over the world reach unprecedented peaks of success and wellness that once felt out of reach, and we can help you too.
Our Mission
We are here to inspire, equip & unleash 1,000,000 High Voltage Warriors... 
brave men and women who not only have a higher vision and the drive to pursue it, 
but also have the ONE "make it or break it" factor:  
the Core Empowerment to build their dreams against all odds.
Why I Started High Voltage Results
I started High Voltage Results to help people THRIVE as quickly and deeply as humanly possible. After a profound spiritual awakening that freed me from a lifetime of struggle 
and failure, I could not help but see that despite surface appearances, most people are floundering behind closed doors in the areas of life that matter the most to them, just as I once was. Meanwhile, they are being fooled by every industry's empty promises and losing precious time, energy and money on bogus "solutions" while their lives are passing them by... a trend that can only leave ANY person more and more stressed out, overwhelmed 
and diminished as the years unfold without them ever even having a real chance at Success... and quite simply put, I'm just not ok with that. 

In fact from where I stand, that is the most tragic and unnecessary version of life any person can live... especially in a life that's all too short in the first place. SO - I did something about it. I pioneered the world's fiercest success training to EQUIP people with the edge they need in order to prevail in real life, where there are real challenges... and I created High Voltage Results to deliver it.
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